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Why we brought eight charities together

Civil Society
Rachel Ward-Newton from Refugee Action explains how a coalition of eight charities is working together on the Early Action programme. Read more.
Partner update: Brushstrokes

Early Action Taskforce Bulletin
A core partner in Asylum Early action, Brushstrokes are developing preventative ways of working and embedding this learning across the organisation. Read more.
By Them, not just for Them

Third Sector
Beth Wilson, the director of Bristol Refugee Rights, says that charities must empower those they work with and allow them to influence decision-makers directly. Read more.
A New Approach for Asylum Support
City of Sanctuary
The Asylum Early Action partnership are exploring new ways of providing support for people in the asylum system, to help prevent them reaching crisis point. Read more.
Early Action for Asylum Seekers
Early Action Task Force - Community Links
"This month we have a guest contribution from our friends at Refugee Action. Lora Evans discusses below how they are taking an Early Action approach to supporting asylum seekers." Read more.
Investing in Early Action for Asylum
Community Links Bulletin
The Early Action Charter for People Seeking Asylum Programme has received over £850,000 of National Lottery funding from the Big Lottery Fund. Read more.
Eight charities try a new approach
Civil Society
Carolina Albuerne explains how Refugee Action has worked with eight charities to bring an early-action approach to the crisis-driven asylum and refugee sector. Read more.
Refugee Actions launches new programme
Electronic Immigration Network
Refugee Action announced last Thursday that it is launching a new programme to help asylum seekers understand the asylum system and avoid falling into crisis. Read more.
Refugees forces into destitution by lack of information
Sky News
Advocates claim asylum seekers are not given enough information about how to to navigate a complex legal system. Read more.
£1.1m Crisis Prevention Programme
Refugee Action
Refugee Action is today launching an England-wide programme to help prevent people in the asylum system living in crisis. Read more.