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What You Get
We are building a community around the shift towards Early Action in asylum support service delivery. We'll evolve as we understand the needs of the community but as a starter we plan to offer:

  • Practitioners' network: Meetups, learning events and a newsletter
  • Self-assessment tool to better understand your organisation's Early Action practice
  • Advice and support to develop and strengthen your service delivery
  • Advice and support on measuring the impact of Early Action approaches
  • Access to a panel of experts by experience who will provide feedback on new experiments.

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Karen Lamb
Community benefits
Beneficiary Advisory Group
To ensure the voices of experts by experience are at the heart of our work we are setting up a national Beneficiary Advisory Group to provide ongoing input into the Early Action Programme.

The group's membership will include people seeking asylum and refugees who access services provided by organisations in the Early Action Programme. The group will provide feedback on new models of work.

The group will receive training and support to take an active role in the development and evaluation of Early Action approaches that prevent or de-escalate crisis people experience throughout the asylum process.

Community benefits
Evaluation support
A challenge of moving to Early Action is that it is harder to prove the effectiveness of prevention than of crisis relief. The Institute for Research Into Superdiversity at the University of Birmingham is helping us develop new evaluation criteria that address this issue.

IRiS has been at the forefront of new ways of thinking and new methodological approaches that have helped influence public policy and impact service delivery with more effective models of support. They develop cutting edge research that builds the capacity and resilience of organisations, practitioners and communities.

"We are pleased to be working with Refugee Action and its partner organisations to evaluate the Early Action Charter Programme. We wanted to get involved because of the potential for this way of working to bring about meaningful change in the sector and in the lives of those seeking refuge in the UK. We see our role as being a critical friend – sharing the values underpinning the programme but also bringing an independent and evidence-based perspective to understand outcomes, explore gaps and share best practice. We look forward to working with Refugee Action, partner organisations and people seeking asylum, and to helping build capacity for research and evaluation to capture the learning, innovation and impact of the early action approach."