RWC: Experiments
We are a specialist women's organisation based in Liverpool and working across Merseyside. Situated so close to an Initial Accommodation Centre, we see many women who face being moved on at short notice to another area where they have no support networks.

Refugee Women Connect exists because women asylum seekers and refugees face inequality and are denied social justice. Refugee and asylum-seeking women can be vulnerable and isolated, not knowing what their rights are or how to exercise those rights.
Experiment 1
We have created capacity to concentrate on providing support at one of the earliest stages. By connecting with women who are newly-arrived and living in Home Office provided Initial Accommodation centres, we can provide women with information to help them navigate the UK's asylum process and develop a deeper understanding of their own asylum claims.

Our one-on-one early action appointments are designed to: give personalised information based on where she is in the asylum process; help explain the asylum and asylum support process; answer any questions or concerns and refer on to our casework service; inform her of her rights and entitlements; and identify any safeguarding concerns. We hope this will decrease the likelihood of crises occurring further down the line.
We will be speaking to women 6 months after their early action appointments to understand the impact of this approach in helping them to navigate asylum processes.
Experiment 2
We are exploring ways of working collaboratively with Serco, the North West Compass contract holder; initiating a system where they arrange appointments for us and indicate the language spoken by the woman, so that we can book interpreters and proactively engage with her at the earliest opportunity.
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Experiment 3
We have recruited volunteers and created resources for targeted early action support for new arrivals. Our 'what women need to know' flyer, asylum flowchart with hints and tips, and an updated briefing on the preliminary information questionnaire is in use across the team.
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We are excited to work with Refugee Action and all the partners to help design a way of working that will improve the lives of women asylum seekers
- Alison Moore, Director - Refugee Women Connect