Current experiments by Asylum Early Action signatories:
Refugee Women Connect
"We consulted our service users to find out what they think is the most important thing to know when claiming asylum and what help they wish they'd had. Nearly all said that they would like more information." How RWC are trying to fix this
"Clients tell us that they do not understand the asylum process and they do not feel confident or prepared to navigate this complex system." How Brushstrokes are trying to fix this
Notts Refugee Forum
"66% of service users asked scored themselves as having little to no understanding of the asylum system, and when asked whether they would like to attend an information group, many service users were enthusiastic about the idea." How NNRF are trying to fix this
Refugee Action
"We have found that a majority of people seeking asylum lack basic knowledge about legal rights, accessing lawyers or negotiating applications and interviews." How Refugee Action are trying to fix this
"The majority of the people we work with have had a final, negative decision on their asylum claim and are at risk of poverty, homelessness or destitution." How PAFRAS are trying to fix this
Bristol Refugee Rights
"Our advice and advocacy service is in high demand as many of our members need support with understanding the asylum system and correspondence relating to their claim." How BRR are trying to fix this
Southwark Day Centre for Asylum Seekers
"As a London-organisation, we see lots of problems around lack of housing and homelessness." How SDCAS are trying to fix this
Action Foundation
"There is no central hub where new arrivals to the area can connect with local services, leaving people isolated and uninformed about how to access support. Our ARE residents are often in our supported accommodation or hosted for very long periods of time with no movement on their case or opportunity to fully explore their options." How Action Foundation are trying to fix this